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Latest News: Global Fintech Leaders Index

TikTok, Bytedance File Legal Challenge Against Divestment Law
US Scraps Chipmakers’ Export Licences to Sell to China’s Huawei
Apple Working With TSMC to Make its Own AI Chips: WSJ
Warren Buffett Likens AI to the Atomic Bomb — Quartz
China’s BYD Welcome to Open an EV Factory in France: Minister
Massive Inflows Into Taiwan ETFs Spark Volatility Concerns
TikTok Employees Faced Questioning at US Borders – Forbes
TikTok Seen as Chinese Influence Tool by Most in US, Poll Finds
Microsoft Ramps up Cloud, AI, Data Centre Investment in SE Asia
Samsung Profit Soars, Says AI Spurring Strong Chip Demand
If Legal Fight Fails, ByteDance ‘Would Prefer to Shut TikTok in US’
TikTok Vows ‘We Will Fight’ After Biden Signs Sale Order

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