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Asia Financial launches

Asia Financial News Group

Today sees the launch of Asia Financial, a unique and insightful financial media, analysis and data platform that delivers, 24/7, accurate and intelligent financial news, unique insight and next-generation AI-driven indexes – from Asia’s most dynamic emerging markets to the world.

This platform originally launched in April, 2020 as Asia Times Financial but this relaunch and rebrand conveys an evolution into a modern and analytically-driven multimedia and data network that is firmly centred around its index families.

These indexes, that run alongside aligned news and analysis, bring clear and methodical understanding to the world’s most important emerging markets.

Asia Financial is delivered by Asia Financial News Group Ltd, based in London, and Asia Financial Index Group, headquartered in Hong Kong. 

The News Group is supported by an experienced and skilled team of writers, editors and multimedia producers working from bureaus in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, London and New York, as well as a global team of sector analysts and industry commentators and contributors.

Asia Financial Index Group, that combines proprietary local expertise with powerful and modern index methodology, is the only media-branded index company in Asia and brings unique and accessible indexation benchmarking capabilities to Asia-facing emerging market index creation. 

The Index Group combines extensive Asian market experience with natural language processing and AI-driven industry expertise to identify the often diverse sets of sector-leading businesses and themes that are helping shape today’s new world economy. 

Asia Financial Index Group’s index portfolio currently includes: 

Asia Financial Chinese Bond Market Index (Bloomberg Index Ticker: AFCS50I), an investable cross-section of China’s onshore bond market containing both pure industry sectors and local government indices that includes corporates, enterprises, financials; local governments, AF’s Chinese Bond Market Index differs from regular bond indices because it has unique daily data access from the Chinese bond market and also uses trading oriented methodology with a focus on liquid bonds.

Asia Financial China Fintech Index (Bloomberg Index Ticker: AFCFIN), an equity index focussing on the leading technology and financial services business model companies in China. It includes companies active in blockchain, wallet technologies, peer-to-peer lending, payments and other innovations relevant for this sector. The index is rebalanced quarterly.

Asia Financial China Electric Vehicle Index (Bloomberg Index Ticker: AFCEV), representing the electric vehicle ecosystem of the Chinese economy. It contains companies building electric vehicles as well as supply chain companies manufacturing parts and batteries for electric vehicles. The index is equally weighted and rebalanced every quarter. 

Asia Financial Global Green Energy Transport and Technology Leaders Index (Bloomberg Index Ticker:  EKARTR) that selects leading companies that have business involvement in the development, use or investment in new energy vehicles, autonomously driven vehicles, battery technology, renewable energy and energy storage.

Asia Financial Global Fintech Leaders Index (Bloomberg Index Ticker: KOINTR), an Asia-facing benchmark that captures the performance of diversified exposures from leading companies that use or are involved in innovations of financial technology. The Global Fintech Index uses data from digital asset exchanges, investment managers using robo advisories, social media companies and other fintech driven businesses.

The launch today of Asia Financial News Group and Asia Financial Index Group will be the first of many exciting steps that will see the roll-out of many more strategically important thematic indexes, as well as integrated event and customized publishing programmes and packages. 

Asia Financial News Group Ltd and Asia Financial Index Group are both owned by Capital Link International Holdings Ltd (CLI), a Hong Kong holding company with assets in media, indices, and financial products. These assets, coupled with CLI’s extensive experience and relationships in Asia’s financial markets, have created a unique global platform for integrated product creation, communication, and distribution capabilities. 

CLI launched its media platform and its first index, the China Bond CMB 50 Index, in April 2020 after recognising that there is no single institutional gateway to China’s capital markets and, more specifically, to its corporate bond market. This bond market, now worth US$15 trillion, is the world’s second biggest but is largely unknown, inaccessible and untouched by foreign investors.

CLI now has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, London and New York and remains determined in its mission of combining innovation and technology with its extensive experience and relationships in Asia’s financial markets, to create Asia’s largest financial product, data and communications platform. 

Today’s launch of Asia Financial is a significant milestone towards this mission.

# To receive more information on Asia Financial please email: [email protected]

Additional information on CLI can be found at www.capitallinkintl.com



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