New Energy

Korea ‘Artificial Sun’ Sets Record At 100 Million Degrees – CNN

Scientists say successfully sustaining nuclear fusion can potentially create unlimited energy without the burden of carbon emissions

2 weeks ago

China’s BYD Delays EV Factory; Solid-State Batteries ‘Unsafe’

BYD has set back plans for an EV factory in Vietnam, while CATL has said solid-state batteries are problematic and…

3 weeks ago

Yellen: China’s Green Energy Push a Threat to Global Jobs – AP

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has accused China of ‘distorting prices’ with its increased green tech production levels

3 weeks ago

CATL in Talks With Tesla on Battery Tech Licence in US: WSJ

Chinese EV battery-maker is in talks with Tesla and other automakers to licence its battery technology in the United States,…

3 weeks ago

Scientists Fear Record Ocean Heat Is Changing Earth’s Systems

There has been an unprecedented rise in sea water temperatures, according to the World Meteorological Organization's annual State of the…

4 weeks ago

Nuclear Fusion Summit in US Amid Race for Cash, China Rivalry

Hundreds expected to attend conference in Washington DC, where researchers hope to attract more backing to avoid falling behind China…

4 weeks ago

South Korea’s $313bn Loan Plan For Carbon-Cutting Projects

Five state financial institutions will provide loans to encourage companies to switch to low carbon production

4 weeks ago

Large Korean Companies Getting Out of China – Business Korea

Dozens of South Korean companies have left China in recent years for reasons ranging from bilateral strains, geopolitical rivalry, plus…

4 weeks ago

Xpeng to Unveil Cheap EV Brands as China Price War Intensifies

Chinese EV maker set to unveil cheaper EV models in coming weeks, while Tesla says it will raise the price…

1 month ago

Tesla Win in India: Govt to Slash EV Import Tax if $500m Invested

Modi government agrees to Tesla push, says carmakers that invest $500m and set up a car plant within 3 years…

1 month ago

Many Chinese Carmakers Opening Factories Abroad Despite Rows

At least five Chinese carmakers are building factories or already producing electric vehicles in other countries around the world, despite…

1 month ago

China Misses 2023 Emissions Targets, ‘Climate Credibility at Risk’

China is well behind its goal to slash energy and carbon intensity, leading analysts say, with weak targets set for…

1 month ago