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Rare Earths

Rare Earths

China-Tied Fund Seeks to Axe Australia Rare Earths Firm’s Head

The fund’s push to remove Northern Minerals' chairman comes after the miner asked Australian authorities to investigate whether ‘Chinese interests’…

6 days ago

Swedish Eco-Battery Could Break China Reliance – Guardian

The electric battery industry is hugely reliant on raw materials, or completed batteries, sourced from China and other Asian nations

1 week ago

GM, Stellantis Back Rare Earths-Free EV Magnet Firm Niron

The two automaker groups joined the startup’s latest $33 million funding round as it works to develop permanent magnets built…

3 weeks ago

China to Scrutinise Rare Earth Outflows as Exports Rise

In a first, China has added rare earths to its list of minerals that need to be reported to authorities…

3 weeks ago

Lithium Producers Upbeat Despite EV Switch Slowdown

A basket of prices for the key electric vehicle battery metal has dropped by more than 60% this year

3 weeks ago

China Turns Focus on Rare Earths Sector Amid Trade War with US

Rare earths have emerged as particularly significant to the global clean energy transition as countries around the world race to…

4 weeks ago

Some Asian Markets Bounce Back, But Global Outlook Weighs

Shares rose slightly on markets in mainland China but dropped in Hong Kong, while Japan, Seoul and Sydney rebounded after…

1 month ago

Taliban and China to Discuss Potential Belt and Road Links

Taliban officials have discussed joining China's Belt and Road scheme, plus possible road and rail links and mining deals, but…

1 month ago

Vietnam Arrests Top Rare Earth Execs Amid Plans to Rival China

Police arrested the chairman of Vietnam Rare Earth JSC (VTRE) — a company at the forefront of the country’s drive…

1 month ago

China Exported Just 1kg of Germanium Last Month, No Gallium

Both gallium and germanium are key to chipmaking, and Chinese exporters of the metals now need to obtain an export…

1 month ago

China Curbs Export of Key EV Metal as Tech War With US Deepens

China is the world's top graphite exporter and refines more than 90% of the world's graphite into the material used…

1 month ago

China Leads Rare Metals Mining Race to Ocean Floor – WP

China has already claimed exclusive rights to excavate 92,000 square miles of international seabed

1 month ago