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Cyber Security

North Korea Crypto Theft at Record High in 2022: UN Report

Independent sanctions monitors said South Korea estimated that North Korean-linked hackers stole virtual assets worth $630 million last year

55 mins ago

TikTok Chief to Talk to US Congress Panel on Security Fears

TikTok says its CEO Shou Zi Chew will testify before the US Energy and Commerce Committee on March 23. The…

1 week ago

US Edges Closer to Nationwide Ban of China’s TikTok – Gizmodo

US politicians ramp up pressure on the White House to ban the Chinese social media app entirely

1 week ago

80,000 Laid-Off Indian IT Workers Scramble to Stay in US – Mint

Thousands of Indian IT workers in the US who lost their jobs in mass layoffs by tech giants in recent…

2 weeks ago

TikTok Pauses Hiring for Security Deal With US Amid Rising Doubts

TikTok confirms it has delayed hiring consultants to help the company reach a security agreement with the United States amid…

1 month ago

India’s TikTok Ban ‘Incredibly Important’: US FCC – TechCrunch

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr described TikTok was "a sophisticated surveillance tool" and said the US needs to follow India's…

1 month ago

ByteDance Staff Read Reporters’ TikTok Data to Track Leaks

Four ByteDance employees, two in China and two in the US, involved in tracking foreign reporters and sources of company…

2 months ago

TikTok Offers More Transparency to Avoid Being Banned by US

TikTok is trying to find ways for the US government to not ban the app while remaining with its parent…

2 months ago

US to Ban Use of TikTok App on Government Devices

Proposal included in big defence spending bill to be voted on this week, after more US states also ban use…

2 months ago

Taiwan Probes TikTok For ‘Illegal Commercial’ Activity

Taiwan's government has opened an investigation into Chinese social media platform TikTok amid suspicion it illegally runs a subsidiary on…

2 months ago

Hong Kong Threatens to Boycott Google Over Anthem Row – SCMP

“I think as an internationally leading search engine, isn’t your first responsibility providing correct information?” Hong Kong's Deputy Chief Secretary…

2 months ago

Overtaking Shakira: China’s Media Rules Facebook’s News

Chinese state media outlets rank alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira, Coca-Cola and Justin Beiber in Facebook’s top 25…

2 months ago