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Cyber Security

Binance Controlled Bank Accounts of ‘Independent’ US Crypto Arm

New findings show how CEO Changpeng Zhao secretly retained control over Binance's US arm and ensured he could direct the…

19 hours ago

AI Poses Extinction Risk, as Bad as Nuclear War, AI CEOs Say

Among the critics of the viral technology were Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio – two of the three so-called "godfathers…

6 days ago

Xi Warns Military ‘be Ready for Worst-Case Scenarios’ – Xinhua

Chinese president tells security chiefs on Tuesday that the "complexity and severity of national security problems faced by our country…

6 days ago

‘De-China’ Move: Tech Owners Keen to Leave, Avoid US Rivalry

Tech entrepreneurs say they're looking to base companies abroad, disillusioned with Xi Jinping's policies, and happy to play down their…

6 days ago

Australia May Axe PwC Audit Contract After Tax Scandal

The Treasury department is looking to scrap an audit contract with PwC this year after the accounting giant was found…

7 days ago

Japan to Lead G7 Discussion on AI Regulation Next Week

Leaders of the G7 last week agreed to create an intergovernmental forum called the "Hiroshima AI process" to debate issues around fast-growing…

1 week ago

German News Site Reveals Tesla Autopilot Complaints – Jalopnik

News site reports details of alleged complaints about Autopilot software problems in Tesla electric vehicles over seven years to 2022

2 weeks ago

Blackstone’s Lumina Talking to Tech Giants on Indian Data Centres

Blackstone is looking at data centres in five Indian cities with total capacity of 600 megawatts, Lumina's CEO says

2 weeks ago

Chinese Hackers ‘Spying on Critical US Services, Guam’

Western intelligence agencies and Microsoft say a state-sponsored group had been assessing telecom, transport and other critical organisations in the…

2 weeks ago

Chinese Hackers ‘Targeted Kenya Ministries Amid Debt Strains’

Kenyan ministries were subject to hack attacks over three to four years said to be aimed at gaining information on…

2 weeks ago

China’s TikTok Sues Montana Over Statewide Ban

Montana, which has a total of about 1.1 million residents, is the first US state to impose a ban on…

2 weeks ago

$600,000 ‘Deepfake’ Fraud Heats Up AI Debate in China

"He chatted with me via video call, and I also confirmed his face and voice in the video. That's why…

2 weeks ago