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Cyber Security

China Facing a WikiLeaks-Style Crisis From Hacking Firm’s Data

The data gives unprecedented insight into China's hacking campaigns and appears to confirm repeated warnings by the FBI about the…

2 days ago

AI Chiefs Say Deepfakes a Threat to World, Call For Regulation

More than 400 signatories to an open letter have warned AI-generated deepfakes pose a major risk to societies

3 days ago

Russians Named as West Smashes Lockbit Ransomware Gang

US indictment seeks the arrest of two Russian cyber criminals after Britain's National Crime Agency infiltrated the gang's systems, stole…

4 days ago

Fake Chinese Accounts Flourish on X, Analysis Shows – WaPo

Researchers say Chinese propaganda "has increasingly sought to stoke existing US divisions in the same way Russia has"

5 days ago

Japan Leaders Want Law on Generative AI ‘Within the Year’

Japan's ruling party's AI project team is planning to draft preliminary rules, including penal regulations, for foundation model developers such…

1 week ago

China, North Korea Hackers Using Generative AI, Microsoft Says

Hackers used large language models to seek information on rival intelligence agencies and "notable individuals" and also to develop code…

1 week ago

US Utility to Drop Storage Batteries from Chinese Supplier CATL

Duke Energy's change of course on the batteries could have supply chain implications – and a chilling effect on an energy…

2 weeks ago

UN: North Korea Cyberattacks Pocketed Regime $3bn – Guardian

A United Nations report is said to show that attacks on cryptocurrency-related companies helped development of dictatorship’s weapons programme

2 weeks ago

Shanghai to Allow Faster Offshore Data Transfers for Foreign Firms

The Shanghai government is looking to speed up approvals for foreign firms that want to relay local data to head…

3 weeks ago

State-Backed China Hackers in Malware Attack on Dutch Networks

Intelligence chiefs in The Netherlands said the cyber gang breached an armed forces network but tech firms like ASML were…

3 weeks ago

Video Call With Deepfakes Costs UK Firm $25m in Hong Kong

Fraudsters used past meetings to create AI deepfakes of the firm's chief financial officer and other staff to scam an…

3 weeks ago

Huawei Leads China R&D Spending Spree, Overtakes EU – Nikkei

The tech giant alone invested $22.5 billion in new products in 2022, according to a European Commission report

3 weeks ago