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Chinese Airlines Allowed to Lift US Flights to 50 a Week

Flights between China and the US were badly disrupted by the Covid pandemic, but the US says Chinese airlines can…

2 months ago

Reports of Violent Protests by North Korean Workers in China

Thousands of North Korean workers staged violent protests in Jilin last month, angry over years of unpaid wages and lingering…

2 months ago

Covid Deaths Likely Caused China’s Population to Fall Again

Lack of social support and the country's economic slowdown has also deterred young Chinese from having children

3 months ago

Record Number of Chinese Blacklisted for Debt Defaults – FT

The number of Chinese blacklisted for defaulting on debts has hit a record high, which means millions can be blocked…

4 months ago

Cities Lead COP28 Climate Change Push as Nations Fail to Deliver

Big cities are the places making a real impact on cutting emissions, the head of a global cities network says…

5 months ago

Growing Interest in Indian Drug Makers Amid ‘China De-Risking’

Move to 'de-risk' supply chains is leading some biotech firms to consider using Indian drug manufacturers to produce active pharmaceutical…

5 months ago

Xi Seeks to Reassure The US: ‘No Hot or Cold War With Anyone’

Xi came into the meeting looking for respect from the US, and also seeking to improve fast-cooling business dealings with…

5 months ago

Hong Kong’s Economic Kickstart Plan Includes Security Focus

Chief Executive John Lee said he would be introducing "patriotic" education in local schools and cybersecurity would also be strengthened

6 months ago

Hong Kong Battles to Boost Appeal, Business After Clampdown

With tens of thousands of residents leaving and China's slow economy, business in Hong Kong has yet to recover from…

6 months ago

‘Nearly 2 Million Extra Deaths’ After China Ended Covid Curbs

A new study by a US medical research centre suggests 1.9 million people died after China suddenly dropped its Covid-19…

8 months ago

Australia Calls for China End to Trade Curbs as Barley Tariffs Lifted

China said on Friday it would drop tariffs imposed on Australian barley imports three years ago that affected billions in…

8 months ago

China Sees the Dawn of a New Era of Slower Growth

Prospects for this year are unclear; even steady growth of 3-4% a year must seem small for a country that…

9 months ago