Market Insights

Euphoria in Japan as Nikkei Surges to a Record High

Nikkei share index rose by 2% to an all-time peak on Thursday, thanks to cheap valuations and corporate reforms that…

31 mins ago

SMIC, Huawei Big Winners as China Ramps Up Chip Funding

Local governments in Shanghai and Anhui will fund a variety of semiconductor-related projects this year — ranging from the development…

19 hours ago

Generative AI Seen Having Big Impacts on Environment – Nature

Revelations about the amount of power and water needed for computers that power artificial intelligence have led to concern about…

19 hours ago

Russians Named as West Smashes Lockbit Ransomware Gang

US indictment seeks the arrest of two Russian cyber criminals after Britain's National Crime Agency infiltrated the gang's systems, stole…

21 hours ago

China Banks Approve $17bn For Housing as Policy Debate Rages

The first chunk of funds earmarked for housing projects endorsed by city officials has been issued, as debate rages over…

22 hours ago

Chinese Rocket Failure Opened Door for SpaceX in Indonesia

The failure of a Chinese rocket launch in April 2020 gave Elon Musk's SpaceX the opportunity to carry satellites for…

2 days ago

Fake Chinese Accounts Flourish on X, Analysis Shows – WaPo

Researchers say Chinese propaganda "has increasingly sought to stoke existing US divisions in the same way Russia has"

2 days ago

China’s Financial Watchdogs Vow to Maintain Strict Supervision

National regulators say they "want to build is a socialist financial powerhouse", but warn that businesspeople must avoid graft and…

2 days ago

China Chops Mortgage Benchmark Rate to Boost Property Market

Financial authorities in Beijing on Tuesday announced the country's biggest ever reduction in its benchmark mortgage rate

2 days ago

Foreign Direct Investment in China Falls 80% to Three-Decade Low

This is the second consecutive year of declining FDI into China, with numbers for 2023 less than 10% of the…

3 days ago

German Firms May Exit Xinjiang, China Hopes They Don’t

BASF is getting out and VW may follow. China said in response it hopes businesses in Xinjiang "cherish" their opportunities…

3 days ago

Investors in China Shadow Bank ‘Furious’ Over Payouts – Guardian

As investor anger and concern spreads through China's $2.9-trillion trust industry, the popular belief that the government would “step in…

3 days ago