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No Cheer for Evergrande’s Long-Awaited Dollar Debt Revamp Plan

The debt restructuring plan has not proven popular with Evergrande dollar bondholders, with one likening it to lending a bucket…

2 months ago

China Home Sales Decline Slows, Boosting Turnaround Hopes

Home sales by floor area in January-February dropped 3.6% from a year earlier, compared with a 24% decline for the…

3 months ago

China’s Country Garden Signals First Net Loss Since 2007

The top homebuilder said in a filing that its estimated net loss for 2022 would be between $799m and $1.09bn…

3 months ago

Analysts Keep the Faith in India’s Recovering Housing Market

India will buck the global trend of sinking housing prices due to strong demand for home ownership, analysts said

3 months ago

China Central Bank Vows to Rein in Stimulus as Economy Recovers

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) predicted the world’s No2 economy will bounce back in 2023 but admitted the global…

3 months ago

China Banks Hit by Rush to Pay Mortgages Off at Lower Rates

In mid-2022 regulators began lowering mortgage rates to prop up property demand, after a liquidity crisis among developers and this…

3 months ago

China Sees Rise in New Home Prices in Some Cities in January

New home prices in January were up 0.1% month-on-month, versus a 0.2% slide in December, according to calculations based on…

4 months ago

China Tightens Banks’ Reporting Rules to Classify Risks Better

China’s banks have been given till 2025 to rate their financial assets; listing bond investments, interbank lending and off-balance-sheet assets…

4 months ago

Huge Debts Limiting Services in Some Chinese Cities – CNN

Local government bodies accumulated an estimated $18 trillion of debt last year, according to CNN, which said the problem is…

4 months ago

Hong Kong Home Prices Slump 15% in First Fall For 13 Years

Home prices in the territory dropped in 2022 with December seeing the seventh consecutive monthly decline

4 months ago

China Evergrande Auditor PwC Quits Over 2021 Audit Disputes

Property developer will appoint a new auditor after PwC resigned after disagreements over matters relating to the audit of its…

5 months ago

China’s 2022 Growth of 3% Among the Worst in 50 Years

Country saw 2.9% growth in fourth quarter, but the overall economy remains weak and is not expected to pick up…

5 months ago