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Asian Development Bank Plans Further Support For Sri Lanka

The ADB has already agreed an emergency loan of $200 million to ensure access to food and protect livelihoods in…

2 days ago

Asia Has Rebounded But China Has ‘Lost Momentum’: World Bank

Covid restrictions have disrupted China's supply chains, industrial and services production, domestic sales and exports, the World Bank said

2 days ago

Philippines to Deport 40,000 Chinese in Gambling Crackdown

Before the pandemic Philippine offshore gambling operators, or POGOs, employed more than 300,000 Chinese workers

2 days ago

Interpol Seeks Arrest of Crypto Developer Do Kwon – TechCrunch

Kwon faces allegations of defrauding customers, having lost $40 billion of investors' money after his firm Terraform collapsed earlier this…

3 days ago

Hong Kong Eases Mortgage Stress Test For Property Buyers

The decision came after Hong Kong banks raised their best lending rate by 12.5 basis points on Thursday

5 days ago

Asian Share Slide Continues Over Gloomy Inflation Outlook

Stocks across the region were still retreating on Friday after the US Fed’s pessimistic rate hikes forecast rattled investors and…

6 days ago

Flood-Hit Pakistan Should Seek Loan Rejig, UN Says – FT

Pakistan could also forgo loan repayments to invest in climate-change resilient infrastructure instead, the UNDP said

6 days ago

Japan Scientists Unveil ‘Cyborg’ Search and Rescue Cockroach

If an earthquakes strikes the cockroaches could be sent beneath the rubble to locate survivors, steered from above by a…

7 days ago

Asian Currencies Sink as Dollar Soars, Banks Hike Rates

Bearish bets on most Asian currencies rose to record highs, driven by a towering dollar and mounting pressure on the…

7 days ago

Push for More Sanctions on Russian Oil Could Irk India – ET

The proposed legislation would impose penalties on countries that increase their imports of Russian oil, provoking tensions with India and…

1 week ago

Emerging Asian Nations to Top China Growth – Nikkei

Developing Asian nations like Indonesia and the Philippines are forecast to grow 4.3% in 2022, compared to 3.3% in China,…

1 week ago

China’s Belt & Road Scheme Hits Repayment Trouble – Nikkei

Loan recipients of China, such as Sri Lanka, Egypt and Ghana, find themselves strapped for cash after suffering severe impacts…

1 week ago