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Latest News: Oceania

Chinese PM Stirs European Anxiety During Visit to New Zealand
European Farmers Fear Trade War With China Over EV Tariffs
Aussie Who Said he Invented Bitcoin Lied on ‘Grand Scale’: Judge
ANZ Bank Facing Probe over Issuance of Treasury Bonds
Australia Says Indian Spies Tried to Steal Defence Secrets – SMH
Scientists Build Carbon-Consuming Electricity Generator – ABC
China’s Country Garden ‘Hires Kroll For Liquidation Assessment’
China Says Hacking Claims by US and UK is ‘Political Slander’
Scientists Fear Record Ocean Heat Is Changing Earth’s Systems
Nikkei, Hang Seng and Asian Stocks Enjoy Upbeat Mood
US Failure to Back Funding Opens Door to China: Pacific Islands
Nikkei Nears Record Peak, Calm in Asia Before US Inflation Data

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