Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intel Set to Unveil Reduced-Performance AI Chips for China

The news comes after the US outfit came under fire at the weekend after it emerged Huawei’s new high-end laptop…

2 days ago

TSMC Reaps Dividends of AI Boom as Revenue Beats Forecasts

Revenue for the first quarter of 2024 was $18.54 billion, up from $16.72 billion in the same three months last…

1 week ago

Nvidia to Build $200m Indonesia AI Centre in SE Asia Push

The US memory chip giant has partnered with local telco firm Indosat as it looks to expand in the key…

1 week ago

China Central Bank Announces $70 Billion Loans For Tech Sector

Chinese policymakers have doubled down on Xi Jinping's new mantra of unleashing "new productive forces” and stepped up investment in cutting-edge…

2 weeks ago

Google, Microsoft, Intel to Study AI-Related Job Losses – WaPo

The study comes at a time when fears are mounting of widespread job losses across a multitude of industries, ranging…

2 weeks ago

China Bans Government Computers From Using Intel, AMD Chips: FT

The guidance from Beijing also asks authorities and agencies to shun Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign-made software in favour…

4 weeks ago

US Warned AI Poses ‘Extinction-Level Threat’ to Humanity – Time

A new report will claim many AI workers inside cutting-edge labs are worried about incentives driving decision making

1 month ago

India To Pump $1.2 Billion Into AI Projects, Startups

New Delhi is to target the cash at developing computing infrastructure and large language models

1 month ago

AI Could Pass Human Tests This Decade, Says Nvidia Chief

Nvidia’s chief executive said AI can already pass legal bar exams and could be able to tackle specialised medical tests…

1 month ago

India Says Big Tech Needs Approval to Release Untested AI Tools

The advisory comes after India's top tech minister lambasted Google's Gemini AI tool for a response that said Indian Prime…

1 month ago

AI Model Boosts Scientists’ Nuclear Fusion Energy Dream – IS

An artificial intelligence (AI) trained on previous experiments has been able to predict instabilities in the complicated process

2 months ago

Cost Fears Delaying AI Take-Up, Infosys Chief Cautions

The Indian tech giant’s executive vice-president said budgets are instead being spent on building cyber attack defences

2 months ago