China Denies Alleged $9 Billion Australian Gold Doping Scandal

Australia’s national broadcaster reported this week that Perth Mint had sold an approximate 100 tonnes of diluted gold bars to…

2 weeks ago

China Buys Australian Cotton in Anticipation of Trade Ban Lift

China imported 20,000 tonnes of Australian cotton in 2022, compared to 400,000 in 2019, according to Chinese customs data.

1 month ago

Australia Was China’s Top Trade Restrictions Target – Study

The report examined what it said were 73 "coercive PRC actions" recorded between 2020 and 2022, of which 21 were…

1 month ago

China-Australia Coal Import Thaw Could Freeze Out Europe

Less frosty ties between Beijing and Canberra could prompt a resumption of Australian coal exports to China, but that could…

8 months ago

Chinese Firms Vie for Control of Huge DRC Lithium Project – SCMP

Chinese entities may retain major involvement or even end up controlling the huge Manono lithium project proposed by Australia's AVZ…

10 months ago

China and Australia Make Rival Bids to Woo Pacific Island Nations

China is seeking a 10-nation deal on security and trade, while Australia is offering help to counter climate change, plus…

10 months ago

China Using Drones to Map And Survey Antarctica

Scientists in Australia and other countries with a keen interest in Antarctica have been closely following China's activities in the…

10 months ago

Australia Says China Pact Puts Solomons’ Sovereignty at Risk

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce warns that totalitarian China built bases in the South China Sea after vowing never to…

11 months ago

Australian PM Declines to Meet New Chinese Ambassador – SMH

Prime Minister Scott Morrison declined a meeting with China’s new ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, despite a formal request from…

12 months ago

Australia Says China Solomons Deal Risks Destabilising Pacific

News that the Solomons PM wants to sign a security pact with China has created shockwaves in Australia and New…

12 months ago

Australia Shrugs Off China Sanctions, Reports Say

Foreign Policy calls attempts to bully Australia a "spectacular failure" while Japan's Itochu Research Institute notes Canberra's resilience

1 year ago

Australia Accuses China Of Undermining World Trade

Canberra says China is undermining the World Trade Organization, dragging its feet on promised economic reforms, while restricting trade in…

1 year ago