battery metals

Indonesia, China to Cut Nickel Output as EV Metal Loses Sheen

China and Indonesia account for 70% of global supplies of nickel, but producers in the countries have become unprofitable after…

2 weeks ago

US Rules to Limit Chinese Access to EV Tax Credits Announced

The Biden administration's curbs are designed to wean the US electric vehicle battery supply chain away from China

3 months ago

China Lithium Prices to Tank in 2024 Amid Global Supply Surge

Prices of the key EV battery metal have already tumbled close to 80% this year with supply outpacing the rise…

3 months ago

Spiralling China Lithium Prices Hit 26-Month Low on Supply Glut

Spot lithium prices in the world's top producer of the battery metal were effectively down close to 80% year-on-year

3 months ago

Lithium Producers Upbeat Despite EV Switch Slowdown

A basket of prices for the key electric vehicle battery metal has dropped by more than 60% this year

4 months ago

China Curbs Export of Key EV Metal as Tech War With US Deepens

China is the world's top graphite exporter and refines more than 90% of the world's graphite into the material used…

4 months ago

China Leads Rare Metals Mining Race to Ocean Floor – WP

China has already claimed exclusive rights to excavate 92,000 square miles of international seabed

4 months ago

China Scientists Claim Long-Life Battery Breakthrough – STD

The researchers say they’ve developed a high-performance ultra-long-life aqueous zinc-ion battery

7 months ago

China’s Overseas Metals, Mining Deals Set For Record Year – FT

Chinese companies across the clean technology supply chain are looking to lock up access to resources amid forecasts of booming…

7 months ago

China Battery Firms Pump $4.4bn Into Korea for US EV Credits

The deals follow the introduction of the US's Inflation Reduction Act, designed to wean the US off the Chinese supply…

7 months ago

CATL Says It’s Made Cold Weather EV Battery Breakthrough

The world's largest battery supplier claims it has developed new materials that can deliver a 50% increase in efficiency in…

8 months ago

China Scraps Top EU Envoy’s Trip Amid Chip Metal Curbs Backlash

On Tuesday, the EU voiced concerns over China's planned curbs on exports of some gallium and germanium products and expressed doubts that…

8 months ago