Biden and Xi

Raimondo’s Nvidia Chip Warning, Vow of Firmer Curbs Irks China

US Commerce Secretary warns chip sector that Washington is set to “transform” its approach to export controls to stop firms…

3 months ago

China Investment Curbs May Not be Part of Key US Defence Bill

A bill requiring US companies to notify federal agencies of investment in Chinese technologies is opposed by a key lawmaker…

3 months ago

China’s Xi Scores Standing Ovations, Sanctions Relief on US Trip

While the Chinese president’s US visit didn't do much to ease the weight of Washington's chip sanctions on the world's…

3 months ago

China’s Xi to Court US Firms at Pricey San Francisco Dinner

For US businesses, the dinner will particularly be a chance to hear directly from the leader of the world’s second-biggest…

3 months ago

Top China Envoy Says Road to Xi-Biden Meet ‘Won’t Be Smooth’

The Biden administration sees direct leader-level engagement with Xi as particularly important in managing US-China tensions

4 months ago

Top China Envoy Likely to Meet Biden After Call for Dialogue

Wang, who is in the US until Saturday, is also set to meet Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, at…

4 months ago

Xi Says China Willing to Cooperate as Key Aide Visits US

This is the second appeal for calm by the Chinese president, in a little over a month, amid a bitter…

4 months ago

China Tensions Leave US Firms Between a Rock and a Hard Place

As many US firms weigh the risks of keeping their businesses within the factory floor of the world, others are…

4 months ago

Schumer Demands ‘Level Playing Field’ For US Firms on China Trip

US Senate leader Chuck Schumer’s bipartisan congressional delegation hopes to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, ahead of visits to South…

5 months ago

Beijing-Washington ‘Setting the Stage’ for Xi Jinping US Visit

While the planned diplomatic exchanges are aimed, in part, at restoring ties, Xi is also said to be hoping they…

5 months ago

China’s Xi Jinping Calls For Stable, Peaceful Sino-US Ties

The Chinese president’s statements come amid increasing efforts on both sides to simmer down tensions and have rekindled hopes of…

5 months ago

US Investors Fear China Backlash Over Biden’s Tech Curbs

One fund chief said China could restrict exports of rare earths used in consumer electronics and EVs vehicles, and target US technology…

7 months ago