Big Data

Data of 2 Million Japan Users Was Public For a Decade: Toyota

The leak stemmed from human error, after a cloud system was set to public instead of private, a Toyota Motor…

3 weeks ago

China Plans Rules to Regulate Data Flows From Smart Cars

One of the proposed rules is aimed at pushing carmakers to use domestic cloud services by banning smart cars in…

1 month ago

China Asks State Firms to Drop Big Four Auditors Over Data Fears

Chinese authorities have urged state-owned firms to stop using the four biggest global accounting firms over concerns about data security

3 months ago

US Demands Answers on China Accessing Facebook Data – CNN

US senators have sought information on a Facebook investigation that found tens of thousands of software developers in China and…

4 months ago

TikTok Employees Urged to Play Down Chinese Origins: Gizmodo

The firm seems to think its biggest public perception problem is that it's from China, according to the trove of…

10 months ago

South Korean AI Firm Raises Funds to Build Synthetic Data

According to the startup, one of its AI models powered by synthetic data for a healthcare client improved the accuracy…

11 months ago

China Cybersecurity Regulator to Enforce New Data Rules

The rules will govern how companies and other entities handle large quantities of personal user information, the Cyberspace Administration of…

11 months ago

US FCC Member Calls on Apple, Google to Dump TikTok App

Brendan Carr, the leading Republican Party member on the Federal Communications Commission, said TikTok collected sensitive data about US users that…

11 months ago

US, China Firms Vie For Slice of ASEAN Data Centre Market – ST

From Google, Amazon and Microsoft to Alibaba and Tencent, US and Chinese tech firms have set up or are building…

1 year ago

Hong Kong to Overhaul Its Data System With $132m Contract

The government said that under the current system civil servants are required to print out emails and electronic documents for filing…

1 year ago

Biden Moves to Stop China Gaining US Personal Data

The draft order would grant Attorney General Merrick Garland authority to review and potentially bar some commercial transactions involving the…

1 year ago

China Data Laws Make Disputes More Challenging, Says Forensic Firm

In 2021, China implemented legislation requiring international and domestic companies to re-evaluate how they handle Chinese personal data

1 year ago