China Data Centres

China May Ease Some Data Rules in Breather for Foreign Firms

Foreign firms have been particularly concerned about stepping over the line while dealing with Chinese regulators, amid Beijing’s crackdowns on…

5 months ago

China Fines Raided US Firm $1.5 Million for ‘Unapproved’ Work

Multiple sources said earlier this year that Mintz was looking into the possible use of forced labour in supply chains…

6 months ago

China Plans Rules to Regulate Data Flows From Smart Cars

One of the proposed rules is aimed at pushing carmakers to use domestic cloud services by banning smart cars in…

10 months ago

China Asks State Firms to Drop Big Four Auditors Over Data Fears

Chinese authorities have urged state-owned firms to stop using the four biggest global accounting firms over concerns about data security

12 months ago

ByteDance Staff Read Reporters’ TikTok Data to Track Leaks

Four ByteDance employees, two in China and two in the US, involved in tracking foreign reporters and sources of company…

1 year ago

US Lawmakers Announce Bill to Ban China’s TikTok ‘For Good’

"There is no more time to waste on meaningless negotiations with a CCP-puppet company," Republican Senator Marco Rubio said

1 year ago

TikTok Tells EU Users China Staff Can Access Data – Guardian

The social video app giant said staff must have access European user data to ensure the platform is "enjoyable and…

1 year ago

US, China Firms Vie For Slice of ASEAN Data Centre Market – ST

From Google, Amazon and Microsoft to Alibaba and Tencent, US and Chinese tech firms have set up or are building…

2 years ago

Digital System Stocks Surge as China’s Data Centre Plan Starts

Stocks of Chinese firms involved in data centre tech and cloud computing surged on Monday after Beijing approved the building…

2 years ago