China influence

‘Atrocious’ Move to Join China BRI Didn’t Help Italy: Minister

Italy signed up to the BRI four years ago under a previous government, becoming the only major Western country to…

7 months ago

China Decoupling Will Cost Jobs: Germany Finance Minister

Germany aims to reduce dependence on the world’s second largest economy, which has been the country's top trading partner since…

1 year ago

Apple Asks Suppliers in Taiwan to Meet China Label Standards

US tech giant Apple told its Taiwan suppliers that products moving to China must be labelled to state that the…

2 years ago

VW Boss Says Inflation Would Be Worse Without China – Spiegel

He said that without the Chinese market - which accounted for 3.3 million VW sales last year, including its electric…

2 years ago

China Denies Its Firms Backed Russia’s Military in Ukraine

China's Embassy in Washington said it has not provided assistance to either party in the war, and it opposed the…

2 years ago

US Sues Casino Mogul Wynn, Says He’s China ‘Foreign Agent’

Wynn is alleged to have lobbied former president Donald Trump to accede to Beijing's request for the return of a…

2 years ago

India Plans to Wind Up Some Chinese Firms – Economic Times

Indian authorities have this year registered at least 700 cases against Indian companies with Chinese nationals on their boards

2 years ago

Australia Opposition Denies China Planned to Fund Candidates

The plot was allegedly arranged by a businessman with Chinese connections who sought to fund candidates in exchange for influence…

2 years ago