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China Quantum Computer

China Quantum Computer

US, China Out to Stop Quantum Computers Stealing World’s Secrets

One expert has predicted quantum computers might be capable of cracking the encryption that protects most digital communications by 2025

4 months ago

China Says New Supercomputer Outperforms Previous World No1

‘Tianhe Xingyi’ has more CPU computing power and better networking capabilities than its predecessor, Tianhe-2, Xinhua reported

4 months ago

Alibaba Shuts Down Quantum Computing Lab Amid Restructuring

The closure of the lab is the latest internal change at Alibaba, which surprised investors earlier this month by scrapping…

5 months ago

China Plans 50% Jump in Computing Power by 2025 Amid AI Rush

In order to meet the demands of the rapidly developing AI industry, Beijing also plans to improve computational infrastructure in…

6 months ago

US Senate Passes Weaker Bill on China Tech Investments Scrutiny

Passed by an overwhelming majority in the senate, the bill will need the backing of the US House of Representatives…

9 months ago

US to Target Investment in China Chips, AI, Quantum Computing

China hawks in Washington blame US investors for transferring capital and valuable know-how to Chinese tech companies that could help…

11 months ago

US Backers Like Intel, Qualcomm ‘Poured Billions’ Into China AI

US Investments in Chinese AI companies totalled $40.2 billion from 2015 to 2021, making up for 37% of the total…

1 year ago