China Space

China Open to International Team-Ups on Chang’e-8 Moon Mission

The China National Space Administration said would-be partners could undertake craft-to-craft operations and explore the surface of the Moon

2 months ago

US Space Force General Floats China Crisis Hotline Plan

US commander General Chance Saltzman said a direct line of communication between the Space Force and China could de-escalate tensions

2 months ago

China Plans to Land its First Taikonauts on the Moon by 2030

China will also launch three astronauts to its now fully operational space station on Tuesday, one of whom will be…

6 months ago

China Says ‘Unforeseen’ Dust Pile-Up Behind Idle Mars Rover

The fully robotic rover has been in longer-than-expected hibernation since May 2022, when it entered a planned sleep mode

7 months ago

China Looking to 3D Print Lunar Buildings Using Moon Soil

A robot tasked with making "lunar soil bricks" will also be launched during China's Chang'e 8 mission around 2028

7 months ago

China’s Space Advances a Risk to Most US Assets: Official

Beijing's significant advances in space in recent years have alarmed Washington and other Western nations

12 months ago

European Astronauts Learnt Chinese to Work With China – CGTN

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, from the European Space Agency, took to Twitter to quote a Chinese proverb from the fourth…

1 year ago

China And Taiwan Astronomers Keep Close Working Bonds – SCMP

Astronomers from both nations are exploring the idea of creating instruments together, SCMP said

1 year ago

Spain Closes Airspace as China Rocket Debris Plunges to Earth

China’s space agency said most of the remnants of the spacecraft fell into the Pacific Ocean, 1,000km southwest of Acapulco…

1 year ago

China Reuses Secret Spaceplane, One Still in Flight – Forbes

CASC lauded the “complete success” of the mission boosting China’s “space transportation technology from one-time use to repeated use”

1 year ago

China Rocket Falls Safely But NASA Says it Was Kept in Dark

US space agency NASA said Beijing had not shared the "specific trajectory information" needed to know where possible debris might…

1 year ago

China Tracks Debris of 22-Tonne Rocket Crashing Towards Earth

The rocket's entire main-core stage has reached low orbit and is expected to tumble back toward Earth once atmospheric friction…

1 year ago