Climate Change

China Told to Expect More Heatwaves, Extreme Weather in 2024

This year has seen China go from some of its hottest ever temperatures to a current cold snap and one…

2 months ago

India Taps AI in Forecasts as Extreme Weather Weighs on Economy

India recorded extreme weather events on 235 of the 273 days between January 1 to September 30 this year, a…

2 months ago

China Vows to Curb Coal Use to Tackle Poor Air Quality

Beijing said it will reduce coal consumption in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region by about 10% from 2020 levels by 2025

2 months ago

Cities Lead COP28 Climate Change Push as Nations Fail to Deliver

Big cities are the places making a real impact on cutting emissions, the head of a global cities network says…

3 months ago

China Carmakers Lead EV Race But Lag in Carbon Shift – SCMP

Greenpeace says firms like SAIC Motor and Great Wall Motor are phasing out fossil-fuel cars faster than most legacy manufacturers

4 months ago

Toxic Haze Sparks Blame Game Across Southeast Asia Again

Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta are at loggerheads over the source of the cloud which Malaysia blames on Indonesian forest and…

4 months ago

China Adds Himalaya Peak Weather Station Amid Climate Concerns

Monitoring the impact of global warming has taken on new urgency after one of the warmest summers in the northern…

5 months ago

Japanese Scientists Find Microplastics in Clouds – Aljazeera

Microplastics that come from industrial effluent, textiles, car tyres and personal care products were found in the mists at the…

5 months ago

Fossil Fuel Phase-Out ‘Unrealistic’, China Climate Chief Warns

Beijing’s special climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, will tell the COP28 climate meeting new energy sources aren’t reliable enough yet to…

5 months ago

China’s Hebei Province Faces Two Years of Flood Repairs

Nearly 5% of Hebei's 74.2 million residents were affected by the floods, with 2 million people displaced and over 40,000…

6 months ago

India Emissions See Big Fall; Jakarta World’s Most Polluted City

The progress made on reducing emissions intensity could help India avert pressure by developed nations to stop using coal, officials…

6 months ago

China, US, India Face Climate Change Debt-Cost Time Bomb

A failure to deal with carbon emissions could force debt-servicing costs higher – and spark credit downgrades – for some…

7 months ago