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Sri Lanka Rules Out IMF Bailout, Seeks New China Loans
Reliance to Raise up to $5bn in Dollar Debt
Japan Plans Record Budget, Higher Bond Issuance
China Debt Woes to Weigh on Asia High-Yield Issues in 2022
China’s Real Estate Debt Crisis Spills Over Into Steel Sector
Fitch Downgrades Sri Lanka Over Rising Default Fears
SoftBank Offloads $550m in WeWork Debt, Pushing Up Yield
Some Evergrande Bondholders Not Paid, Debt Restructuring Looms
Evergrande Stock Plunges as Default Risk Turmoil Reignites
Kaisa Group Offloads Airport Site For $1bn: Mingtiandi
How Tax Could Break China’s Property Sector: SCMP
Evergrande Unit Says Work Resumed on 63 More Projects

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