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Latest News: Europe

EU Tariff Fallout: China Warns of WTO Suit, Tesla to Hike Prices
BYD Promises Driving Range of Over 2000km With New Hybrid Tech
Stellantis CEO Calls China EV Tariffs a ‘Trap’. He May Be Right
EU Warned 50% Tariffs Needed to Curb China EV Imports – FT
China Slams ‘Biased’ EU Over Electric Vehicle Imports Probe
China Solar Firms Paying Price of Global Dominance – FT
Xinjiang Exports to Europe Jumped Over 200% This Year – SCMP
Fear of Tit-For-Tat Curbs ‘Hurting EU Businesses in China’
India in $100 billion Investment Deal With Europe Trade Group
EU Says China EVs Funded by Subsidies, Plans Retroactive Tariffs
US, EU Can’t Meet Climate Goals Without China’s Cheap Green Tech
China’s Free Trade Olive Branch to EU Amid Subsidy Probes

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