India Technology

India Approves $968 Million Investment From Foxconn Unit

Earlier this month, Foxconn said it was seeking cooperation in India in new areas like chips and electric vehicles after a…

2 days ago

Indian Startups Have ‘More Than $1 Billion’ in SVB

Government says Indian banks could offer a deposit-backed credit line to startups that had funds in SVB

1 week ago

US Set For ‘Substantial’ India Investments to Boost Tech Ties

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said India could key become a key electronics supplier to the US, while adding that Washington…

2 weeks ago

Apple, Foxconn Spur Landmark Labour Reforms in Indian State

The legislation led to laws that give India's Karnataka state “one of the most flexible working regimes in India,” according…

2 weeks ago

India Push to Settle Global Trade in Rupees ‘Not Without Risks’

Last July, the RBI introduced a new mechanism to settle international trade in rupees, aiming to promote exports and facilitate…

2 weeks ago

India to Apply Money Laundering Rules to Crypto Trading

The Narendra Modi-led administration, as part of its leadership of the G20 forum, has been pushing for a wider global…

2 weeks ago

India Leads World in Internet Shutdowns for Fifth Year in a Row

India accounted for almost half of the world's internet shutdowns last year, while the Russian military also cut online services…

3 weeks ago

India and Singapore Launch First Overseas Payments Link

"This will enable people from both the countries to immediately and at low-cost transfer funds (by) just using their mobile…

1 month ago

Uber to Launch 25,000 Electric Vehicles in India Over 3 Years

"We are going to be a big catalyst in accelerating the (EV) ecosystem," Prabhjeet Singh, president of Uber India and…

1 month ago

Modi Government Seeks Total Control of Indian Internet – Wired

Indian authorities have been removing clips of the BBC documentary 'India: The Modi Question' from Twitter and YouTube, citing emergency…

1 month ago

India Finds Huge Lithium Deposits For First Time in Far North

The discovery comes at a time when India is looking to strengthen its supply of critical minerals that will be…

1 month ago

Foxconn in ‘Serious’ Talks to Invest in India’s Karnataka

The Taiwanese tech giant already has operations in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where it manufactures products for companies such…

1 month ago