Fears of China’s ‘Japanization’ Weigh On Asia Economic Outlook

Chinese policymakers "seem to be ignoring everything they learned” from Japan's 15-year period of economic stagnation, one official warned

4 months ago

Japan Seen Provoking China With Taiwan Security Ties Upgrade

Tokyo has sent a defence ministry official to assist a role in Taipei usually undertaken by a sole retired military…

5 months ago

China Objects to Japan’s New Chip Export Restrictions

Japan joined the US chip war against China on Friday, announcing restrictions on exports of 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing…

11 months ago

Japan Joins US Chip War Against China With Export Restrictions

Japan wants to stop its advanced technology being used for military purposes and does not have a specific country in…

11 months ago

Japan’s $75bn Indo-Pacific Investment Plan to Counter China

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the money would be shared around the region by 2030 via private investment, yen…

11 months ago

Japan Warns China Surveillance Balloons Are Unacceptable

Tokyo believes several Chinese balloons have flown over Japan in recent years but warned it is now looking at allowing…

1 year ago

Japan Chip Equipment Makers Unaware of New China Restrictions

Japan is a major supplier of machines used to make leading-edge semiconductors that could come under new restrictions

1 year ago

Japan’s Car, Chip Exports To China Slump, Fuel Slowdown Fears

For the whole of 2022, Japan logged a trade deficit of 19.97 trillion yen, the second straight annual shortfall and…

1 year ago

Japan, US Say China ‘Greatest’ Challenge, to Mull Chip Curbs

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is set to meet US President Joe Biden on Friday, with a focus on chip…

1 year ago

Japanese Against Tax Raises For Military Expansion: Survey

The government's five-year tax plan, once unthinkable in pacifist Japan, would make the country the world's third-biggest military spender after…

1 year ago

Japan Passes Economic Security Bill Aimed at China

The pillars of the new law include protecting sensitive technology, strengthening supply chains for semiconductors and encouraging new tech such…

2 years ago

Vietnam, Japan Agree to Boost Trade, Security Ties

Nations also call for end to war in Ukraine, agree change in status quo by force will not be recognized…

2 years ago