Japan Successfully Launches H3 Rocket a Year After Failure

The launch marks a second straight win for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency after its lunar lander, SLIM, achieved a "pinpoint" touchdown…

1 week ago

Japan Leaders Want Law on Generative AI ‘Within the Year’

Japan's ruling party's AI project team is planning to draft preliminary rules, including penal regulations, for foundation model developers such…

2 weeks ago

Top Execs at Toyota’s Daihatsu Bow Out Over Safety-Test Scandal

The departures are among the most drastic changes Daihatsu has made so far after revealing last year it had rigged…

2 weeks ago

Canon Says New ‘Stamp’ Machine Will Slash Chipmaking Costs – FT

The machines are aimed at disrupting the most expensive step in the chipmaking process, by “stamping” chip designs on to…

4 weeks ago

BoJ Holds Firm on Easing But Hints at End to Negative Rates

Japan’s central bank signalled it could begin phasing out its huge stimulus programme but refused to reveal a timetable

1 month ago

TSMC’s AI Bet Triggers Mega Chip Rally, Except in China

TSMC's shares closed 6.5% higher on Friday in Taipei, cementing its position as Asia's most valuable listed company

1 month ago

Japan Earthquake Shatters Tourist Town’s Post-Covid Recovery

The total toll on lives and industry along the Noto Peninsula from the 7.6 magnitude quake — the strongest to…

2 months ago

Japan Looking to Trim Budget for First Time in 12 Years

The move reflects the government's will to restore the tattered public finances and revive a lacklustre economy

2 months ago

Japan Government Space Spending Sparks Startup Investor Boom

Japan's most significant defence build-up since the Second World War has seen a wave of new investment in its domestic aerospace sector

3 months ago

Japan, South Korea Share Tech, Energy Tie-Up Ambitions

Concerns about a more aggressive China and the nuclear ambitions of North Korea have forced the two key nations to…

3 months ago

Japan Pledges $13bn to Boost Chip Sector Leadership Bid

Tokyo is set to issue nearly $59.8 billion in bonds to fund the commitment, raising concerns in some quarters about…

4 months ago

Fears of China’s ‘Japanization’ Weigh On Asia Economic Outlook

Chinese policymakers "seem to be ignoring everything they learned” from Japan's 15-year period of economic stagnation, one official warned

5 months ago