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Lithium Mining

Lithium Mining

Yellen: China’s Green Energy Push a Threat to Global Jobs – AP

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has accused China of ‘distorting prices’ with its increased green tech production levels

3 weeks ago

Breakthrough Lithium Battery Can be Charged 6,000 Times – TX

Harvard scientists say their solid state battery design charges in minutes and lasts for thousands of cycles

3 months ago

Singapore Firm Taps AI to Cut Critical Mineral Mining Costs

Drilling a single hole to search for a mineral can cost from $7,000 to $33,000 and building a more accurate…

4 months ago

China Lithium Prices to Tank in 2024 Amid Global Supply Surge

Prices of the key EV battery metal have already tumbled close to 80% this year with supply outpacing the rise…

5 months ago

Spiralling China Lithium Prices Hit 26-Month Low on Supply Glut

Spot lithium prices in the world's top producer of the battery metal were effectively down close to 80% year-on-year

5 months ago

Lithium Producers Upbeat Despite EV Switch Slowdown

A basket of prices for the key electric vehicle battery metal has dropped by more than 60% this year

6 months ago

Lithium Producers Warn Supply Shortfalls Risk EV Progress

Global lithium demand is predicted to exceed supply by 500,000 metric tons in 2030 despite 45 mines operating in the…

10 months ago

EV Boom Amps Up Costs, Environment Risk in China’s Lithium Hub

As lithium prices fall and concerns rise around the environmental impact of lithium mining, China's Yichun city finds itself running…

10 months ago

Australia’s Potential $11.3bn Batteries Bonanza: Accenture

Australia accounts for nearly half of the world's lithium supply and is ideally positioned to reap the benefits from the…

1 year ago

India Territory to Auction 5.9 Million Tonne Lithium Reserve

The block of the key electric vehicle battery metal in Jammu and Kashmir is the first known reserve found in…

1 year ago

World’s Biggest Lithium Hub Being Built in Xinjiang – Yicai

The facility, situated in the embattled Xinjiang region, will process three million tons of precious metals annually

1 year ago

China’s Mining Probe Set to Cut World Lithium Supply by 13%

Officials in Yichun, known as Asia’s lithium capital, said last week they were cracking down on illegal mining – news…

1 year ago