Russian Oil

Chinese, Russian Firms Agree Multiple Deals as Ties Deepen

The value of bilateral trade between Russia and China surged to $21.18bn last month, its highest since Russia invaded Ukraine…

1 month ago

China Reaps $10bn Dividend From Western Oil Sanctions

The US State Department says price caps on Russian oil lets buyers, like China, "drive a harder bargain" in their…

2 months ago

India Buying Russian Oil at 30% Above Western Price Cap

India has become the top buyer of seaborne Russian oil, mainly Urals, since Western sanctions were imposed on Moscow over…

2 months ago

China Likely Sending Military Tech to Russia: US Intelligence

China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia since Moscow's all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022

4 months ago

Private India Refiners ‘Now Paying for Russian Oil in Yuan’

Sources claim two of India's three private refiners have settled some recent Russian oil import deals in Chinese yuan

5 months ago

Sanctioned Russia Pays Sakhalin Oil Dividends in Yuan – Nikkei

Prior to sanctions imposed by the West, which cut Moscow off from international financial systems, Russia made the dividend payments…

6 months ago

Pakistan Pays For Discounted Russian Crude Oil in Yuan

The deal, for 100,000 tonnes of crude from Moscow, was completed in the Chinese currency and not the US dollar…

6 months ago

China-Russia Trade Reaches New High With Over 40% Jump – CNN

Trade between the two countries was worth more than $93.8 billion, highlighting how Beijing has maintained its ‘no limits’ partnership…

6 months ago

China Drops Dollar for Yuan in $88bn Russia Commodity Trade

Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have given a boost to China's efforts to internationalise its currency,…

7 months ago

Gazprombank, India Banks Step Up Ties to Lift Rupee-Ruble Trade

India last year implemented a broader framework to facilitate overseas trade in rupees through vostro accounts

8 months ago

Russia Ships Sanctioned Oil to Asia in Chinese Supertankers

Russia has been diverting oil exports from Europe to Asia as the US and its allies try to choke off…

11 months ago

US Top Buyer of India’s Russian Crude Petroleum Goods – Mint

India sold crude products worth $588 million to the US in November after snapping up sanctioned Russian oil at deep…

11 months ago