Russia Sanctions

Russia Says Opposition Leader Navalny Dead in Prison – Reuters

Navalny was President Vladimir Putin's staunchest critic and had returned to Russia just three years ago after being treated for…

1 week ago

China-Russia Trade Worth $218bn as Moscow Leans More on Beijing

For November alone, bilateral trade between the two nations rose to $21.5 billion, the highest since February 2022 when the…

3 months ago

Chinese, Russian Firms Agree Multiple Deals as Ties Deepen

The value of bilateral trade between Russia and China surged to $21.18bn last month, its highest since Russia invaded Ukraine…

4 months ago

China Reaps $10bn Dividend From Western Oil Sanctions

The US State Department says price caps on Russian oil lets buyers, like China, "drive a harder bargain" in their…

5 months ago

China Likely Sending Military Tech to Russia: US Intelligence

China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia since Moscow's all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022

7 months ago

India Seen Buying Russian Arms For Decades, Despite US Deals

Observers say New Delhi is looking to develop a domestic arms industry, not move closer to the West, and its…

8 months ago

Sanctioned Russia Pays Sakhalin Oil Dividends in Yuan – Nikkei

Prior to sanctions imposed by the West, which cut Moscow off from international financial systems, Russia made the dividend payments…

8 months ago

Acer Sold Goods Worth $70m to Russia Despite Vow to Halt Trade

Acer's actions are a contrast to key Western rivals such as Dell and HP who halted their Russia shipments last year…

9 months ago

China-Russia Trade Reaches New High With Over 40% Jump – CNN

Trade between the two countries was worth more than $93.8 billion, highlighting how Beijing has maintained its ‘no limits’ partnership…

9 months ago

China Drops Dollar for Yuan in $88bn Russia Commodity Trade

Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have given a boost to China's efforts to internationalise its currency,…

10 months ago

Gazprombank, India Banks Step Up Ties to Lift Rupee-Ruble Trade

India last year implemented a broader framework to facilitate overseas trade in rupees through vostro accounts

10 months ago

Xi Arrives in Moscow Just as Putin Becomes War Criminal

In an article published at the beginning of his Moscow trip, Xi said the two countries adhered to the concept…

11 months ago