Russia Sanctions

China Drops Dollar for Yuan in $88bn Russia Commodity Trade

Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have given a boost to China's efforts to internationalise its currency,…

4 weeks ago

Gazprombank, India Banks Step Up Ties to Lift Rupee-Ruble Trade

India last year implemented a broader framework to facilitate overseas trade in rupees through vostro accounts

2 months ago

Xi Arrives in Moscow Just as Putin Becomes War Criminal

In an article published at the beginning of his Moscow trip, Xi said the two countries adhered to the concept…

3 months ago

India Using SWIFT Payment System For Dollar Trade With Russia

Many Russian banks have been blocked from the SWIFT network due to Western sanctions over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine

3 months ago

Chinese Firm in Talks to Sell Military Drones to Russia: Report

The firm also plans to help establish a Russian production site for the drones which are similar to Iran's Shaheed-136…

3 months ago

Host India Doesn’t Want G20 to Discuss Fresh Russia Sanctions

India is also pushing to avoid using the term "war" to describe Russia's invasion of Ukraine in official communique, G20…

3 months ago

Russia Ships Sanctioned Oil to Asia in Chinese Supertankers

Russia has been diverting oil exports from Europe to Asia as the US and its allies try to choke off…

5 months ago

Russia Sends Increasingly Cheap Arctic Oil to India, China

"All these Arctic crudes usually go to the EU but now they have to go elsewhere," a trader in Singapore…

5 months ago

Xi Wants More Trade, Yuan-Ruble Deals With Russia – WSJ

Xi wants China and Russia to transact more deals in rubles and yuan to insulate the two against future Western…

6 months ago

India to Russia Rupee Shipments to Begin Next Week – Mint

The system is ready to be tested after exporters had an importers have opened new bank accounts to enable rupee…

6 months ago

Russia Becomes India’s Biggest Oil Supplier in October – ET

Russia accounted for 22% of India's total crude imports last month, supplying 946,000 barrels per day, The Economic Times reported

7 months ago

India Is Likely Exporting Refined Russian Oil to the West

India’s fast-rising Russian oil imports are being matched by its rising oil exports suggesting it may be reselling Russia’s oil…

9 months ago