Russia-Ukraine Crisis

China Reaps $10bn Dividend From Western Oil Sanctions

The US State Department says price caps on Russian oil lets buyers, like China, "drive a harder bargain" in their…

5 months ago

US Adds 42 Chinese Companies to Curbs List Over Russia Deals

The Commerce Department says the listed entities supplied US-origin integrated circuits to Moscow’s military

5 months ago

India Seen Buying Russian Arms For Decades, Despite US Deals

Observers say New Delhi is looking to develop a domestic arms industry, not move closer to the West, and its…

8 months ago

‘EU Must Prepare for China Decoupling if Taiwan Invaded’

Lithuania's Foreign Minister has urged Brussels to draw up a reaction plan if Beijing launches an attack on the island…

10 months ago

Mitsui, Mitsubishi Shares Fall as Russia Takes Over Sakhalin-2

The new firm will take over rights and obligations of Sakhalin Energy Investment Co, in which the two Japanese companies…

2 years ago

China Denies Its Firms Backed Russia’s Military in Ukraine

China's Embassy in Washington said it has not provided assistance to either party in the war, and it opposed the…

2 years ago

G7 Leaders Announce Ban on Russian Gold as Summit Begins

Britain, the United States, Japan and Canada announced a ban on imports of Russian gold, sales of which totalled $15bn…

2 years ago

Russia Becomes India’s Second Biggest Supplier of Oil

Russian grades totalled 16.5% of India's oil imports last month, but the country still gets nearly 60% of its oil…

2 years ago

India Buyers Say Cheap, Discounted Russian Oil Out of Stock

The days of cheap Russian oil have evaporated, according to Indian sources, who say Rosneft has failed to sign new…

2 years ago

Russia Ramps Up Oil Exports to Buyers in Asia Via Far East

Russia is pumping an extra 70,000 barrels a day via the East Siberia Pacific Ocean pipeline to Kozmino, its port…

2 years ago

Iran Wants New Currency for China Bloc With 30% of Global GDP

Russian news agency Sputnik said the move was designed to bolster cooperation among Shanghai Cooperation Organisation nations ``as a bulwark…

2 years ago

US Officials Head to India to Discuss Russian Oil Purchases

Elizabeth Rosenberg, assistant secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes, will be in India on what is seen as a…

2 years ago