Sanctioned Huawei Left With Zero Advanced Phone Chips – SCMP

Huawei has been unable to acquire new integrated circuits after US trade sanctions cut-off its access to chips produced using…

1 month ago

ASML Plans $181 Million Chip Centre in South Korea – Nikkei

The move is an effort to bolster ASML's relations with customers like Samsung and SK Hynix in the face of…

3 months ago

Chinese Steel Could Be Tariff-Free as UK Fears Shortage

Britain's Trade Remedies Authority said plunging stocks from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have created a crisis in the construction industry

7 months ago

US Imposes Sanctions on China Energy Firms Over Iranian Oil

The US Treasury cracked down on Hong Kong-based Lustro Industry, saying it hid its role in purchases of petrochemical products…

7 months ago

US Eases China Shareholding Rules – The Register

Since June 1, US shareholders have not had to divest their holdings in Huawei, SMIC and many other banned Chinese…

8 months ago

US Sanctions China Traders Accused of Funnelling Oil Revenue to Iran

Chinese companies implicated in a Russian-backed oil smuggling and money laundering network to buy Iranian oil will be subject to…

8 months ago

US to Hit China’s Hikvision With Heavy Sanctions – FT

The US administration is aware that measures would have ramifications for the more than 180 countries that use Hikvision cameras

9 months ago

Huawei Revenues Drop 13.9% as Handset Share Declines

Huawei held just 6.2% of the China handset market in the first quarter, research firm Counterpoint Research said on Thursday.

9 months ago

US Probes Chipmaker for Huawei Sanctions Violations – FT

TechInsights, which analyses components inside consumer electronics, sent a report to the US Commerce Department alleging the violations

9 months ago

Huawei Looks at 5G, Cloud as Path Beyond Sanctions

Ken Hu said the company faced an even more daunting year than in 2021 from geopolitics, the pandemic, rising commodity…

9 months ago

US Pushes UN for Tougher Sanctions on North Korea

Russia and China have already signalled opposition to strengthening sanctions in response to Pyongyang's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile

10 months ago

Walmart’s Sam’s Club Denies It Removed Xinjiang Products

US company says Chinese consumers failed to find products from region because app does not support placename searches for products

1 year ago