Space News

Japan Destroys Failed Flagship Rocket 14 Minutes After Launch

The rocket’s failure dealt a blow to Japan’s efforts to cut the cost of accessing space and compete against Elon…

4 weeks ago

China’s Space Advances a Risk to Most US Assets: Official

Beijing's significant advances in space in recent years have alarmed Washington and other Western nations

4 months ago

China Reuses Secret Spaceplane, One Still in Flight – Forbes

CASC lauded the “complete success” of the mission boosting China’s “space transportation technology from one-time use to repeated use”

7 months ago

China Tracks Debris of 22-Tonne Rocket Crashing Towards Earth

The rocket's entire main-core stage has reached low orbit and is expected to tumble back toward Earth once atmospheric friction…

8 months ago

Musk’s SpaceX Sets Launch Record With Latest Starlink Liftoff

It was the 32nd launch of 2022 and the intense activity is due to the company's race to build a…

8 months ago

Chinese Spacecraft Captures Images of Whole Martian Surface

The unmanned Tianwen-1 reached Mars in February 2021 on the country's inaugural mission there. A robotic rover has since been…

9 months ago

China Alien Life Article Published Then Deleted – New Scientist

The find - after Zhang was granted more than 17 hours on a sophisticated radio telescope in Guizhou - was…

9 months ago

China ‘Space Fireballs’ Light Up Spanish Sky – MailOnline

The Long March-2F rocket sent to China's Tiangong space station re-entered Earth's atmosphere and broke up, a Spanish astrophysics expert…

9 months ago

China AI Uses Deception to Kill Satellites in Space Battle – SCMP

Countries with advanced technologies deploy satellites with surveillance network capabilities and early warning sensors to guard their assets

10 months ago

China to Advance Plan for Space Solar Power Plant – SCMP

Beijing plans to launch a satellite in 2028 that will test wireless power transmission technology from space to the ground…

10 months ago

China Space Station Crew Set for Launch

Three-man crew will continue work on China's under-construction space station, the seventh of 11 missions to complete the project by…

10 months ago

Sony Sets Up Satellite Arm for Laser Space Communications

Sony Space Communications Corp's devices will work between satellites in space and satellites communicating with ground stations

10 months ago