‘We Are All Chinese,’ Says Former Taiwan Leader on China Visit

Ma Ying-jeou, who was in office from 2008 to 2016, is the first former or current Taiwanese leader to set…

5 days ago

Foxconn Warns on Consumer Electronics Demand, Profit Dips 10%

The world's largest contract electronics maker forecast significant growth in computing, cloud and networking and component products

3 weeks ago

US Would ‘Destroy Taiwan Chip Factories if China Invaded’ – BI

A former US security adviser said China would be able to "control the world economy" if it took over Taiwan’s…

3 weeks ago

Taiwan Shows Off Homegrown Drones for ‘Asymmetric Warfare’

The island's president Tsai Ing-wen has championed the idea of "asymmetric warfare" to make Taiwan's forces more mobile and harder…

3 weeks ago

Taiwan Defence Spending to Focus on ‘Total’ China Blockade

The island's defence ministry said China was increasingly "adopting an actual war approach and shifting from training to combat preparation"

3 weeks ago

China to Raise Defence Spending Faster Than Growth Forecast

The Ukraine war has prompted some elements in China's military-industrial complex to call for an increase in the defence budget

4 weeks ago

China’s Taiwan Threats Prompt Funds Strategy Rethink

Fund managers say they are fielding increasing numbers of questions from clients about the odds of an invasion of Taiwan…

1 month ago

High Cost, ‘Unmanageable’ US Staff Plague TSMC in Arizona – NYT

Some TSMC staff said they were reluctant to move to the US due to “potential culture clashes” and concerns around…

1 month ago

US Lawmakers in Taiwan For Tech, Trade Talks – Taiwan News

The four US representatives will meet Taiwan’s President Tsai, as well as key business leaders from the island

1 month ago

Taiwan’s Export Orders Fall For Fifth Month in a Row

Semiconductor demand remained high whilst orders for electronic products fell 21.8%, Taiwan's economy ministry said

1 month ago

Chinese Vessels Linked to Taiwan’s Severed Undersea Cables – TN

Chinese fishing boats blamed for latest damage to internet cables to Taiwan, which has become a topic of national security,…

1 month ago

China Swipes at ‘Hysterical’ US Over ‘Spy Balloon’ Response

"To have dispatched an advanced fighter jet to shoot down a balloon with a missile, such behaviour is unbelievable," China's…

1 month ago