China Will Use Fake News to Sway Taiwan Vote: Security Chief

Taiwan’s National Security Bureau Director-General warned Beijing will employ a range of tactics to frighten the island’s voters ahead of…

2 months ago

Taiwan Slams China’s ‘Unilateral’ Cross-Strait Zone Plan

China unveiled steps to turn Fujian, which sits opposite Taiwan, into a zone for integrated development with the island but…

3 months ago

‘Frustrated’ in US, TSMC Finds Japan Chipmaking a ‘Natural Fit’

The Taiwanese chip giant is considering setting up a second fab in Japan, and adding capacity to an $8.6 billion…

3 months ago

Japan Seen Provoking China With Taiwan Security Ties Upgrade

Tokyo has sent a defence ministry official to assist a role in Taipei usually undertaken by a sole retired military…

3 months ago

China to Let Fujian Reach Out to Taiwan for Economic Tie-Ups

State media reported Beijing will back cross-strait capital cooperation and look to set up an integration development fund

3 months ago

Arizona Workers Say Building TSMC Factory ‘Worst Job Ever’ – BI

TSMC has previously blamed a "lack" of skilled workers for the slow pace of the fab's construction and also lobbied…

4 months ago

TSMC Plans $2.9bn Advanced Chips Fab to Keep Up With AI Boom

The world's largest contract chipmaker said last week it was unable to fulfil customer demand driven by the surge in…

5 months ago

Japan Signals It Would Aid Taiwan if China Attacked – Telegraph

Tokyo has hiked its planned military spending by 60% over the next five years as it reacts to increasing threats from…

5 months ago

Blinken Lauded After Discussing Taiwan, Russia in China Talks

Biden says Blinken did a "hell of a job" in China, after Secretary of State said US does not support…

6 months ago

Japan Megabanks Sounded Out Over China Exposure Risks

Tokyo’s financial regulator has reportedly asked its top banks about their response plans if China-US tensions escalate, particularly if Taiwan…

6 months ago

Taiwan Asks EU to Deepen Ties if it Wants TSMC Chip Investments

The island's foreign minister said his government would not block investment in Europe, but the continent needed to "consider a…

6 months ago

US ‘to Extend’ China Chip Curb Waivers for South Korea, Taiwan

The move will allow the chipmakers, which include Samsung, SK Hynix and TSMC, to continue to import US chipmaking tools…

6 months ago