China-US Tariffs

US Downs ‘Spy Balloon’, Dealing Blow to Tensions Thaw Hopes

A week after it first entered US airspace, the Chinese ‘spy balloon’ was sent crashing into the Atlantic dragging with…

2 months ago

US to Ease Penalties on Some Firms Amid ‘Better’ China Behaviour

The decision signals a degree of renewed cooperation between the world's two largest economies which are locked in a heated…

3 months ago

China Tariffs Will Stay in Place Despite Review, Says Biden

The Biden administration had been mulling over whether to scrap some tariffs in a bid to ease inflationary pressures in…

7 months ago

US Decision on China Tariffs Delayed for Xi-Biden Phone Call

President Joe Biden is unlikely to announce a decision until after he speaks to Chinese leader Xi Jinping - a…

9 months ago

Cutting China Tariffs Easier Than Fighting Inflation, USTR Says

Inflation is "scary" and hurting Americans financially but is a complicated issue with many causes, Katherine Tai said in remarks…

10 months ago

US May Lift Some China Tariffs to Battle Surging Inflation

It may make sense to weigh lifting tariffs on products including household goods and bicycles, said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

10 months ago

Tariffs on China Under Strategic Review, Says US Trade Office

Deputy US Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi said Washington would address long-term challenges from China and develop "a tariff structure that really makes…

10 months ago

China Backs US Moves on Potential Tariff Reductions

His comments followed a statement by White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday that the US is studying the…

11 months ago

US Reassessing Trump-Era China Tariffs As Inflation Bites

The review is also looking at China's behaviour in global markets, the impact of tariffs on wages, job opportunities and…

11 months ago

Washington Hints at Lowering Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh said many tariffs imposed during Donald Trump's presidency served no strategic purpose

11 months ago

China Plans to Draw Up Laws on Tariffs This Year – Xinhua

The move aims to improve "legal system supporting the development of the socialist market economy," said the work report by…

1 year ago

China Tells US to Scrap Extra Trade Tariffs – Xinhua

Beijing said it had worked hard to promote its Phase 1 economic and trade agreement and overcame multiple negative impacts

1 year ago