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Latest News: US

US, China Fire Up New Era of Cosmic Rivalry – Nikkei
Myanmar Exports Teak to US in Defiance of Sanctions
Toyota Overtakes GM in Annual US Sales – WSJ
China-US Trade Deal on the Edge Amid Twists, Turns – Global Times
US Seen Weighing Ban on Key Exports to China Chipmaker SMIC
China Condemns Olympic Boycott as Australia Joins In
Intel to Take Self-Driving Car Unit Mobileye Public
China, Japan and US to Gain Most from Green Energy Shift: ST
China to Shorten Entry Approval Time for US Businesses
US Moves to Stop Chipmaker Nvidia’s $40bn Merger with UK’s Arm
UMC and Micron Settle US-China Trade Secrets Dispute
China Regulator Moves to Stop Delisting of Chinese Firms in US

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