Nvidia Tweaks Another Flagship AI Chip for Export to China

The move follows sweeping export controls implemented by the United States last year that stopped Nvidia from selling its two…

2 days ago

Top US Fund Manager Vanguard to Shut China Office, Quit Ant JV

The planned exit contrasts with recent expansions in China by its US rivals BlackRock and Fidelity

3 days ago

Xi Heaps Praise on Putin in Moscow, Attracts White House Ire

The two heads of state greeted one another as "dear friend" when they met in the Kremlin on Monday and…

3 days ago

US Sanctions on China to Hit Dominance of Chips: TSMC Founder

"There's no question in my mind that, in the chip sector, globalisation is dead," TSMC’s retired founder Morris Chang said

1 week ago

TikTok Facing US Ban if Chinese Owners Don’t Sell Stakes

"If protecting national security is the objective, divestment doesn't solve the problem," a TikTok spokesperson said, responding to the US…

1 week ago

Chip Executives Replace Pony Ma, Jack Ma at Key China Meet

The move signifies Beijing's changing priorities as it looks to strengthen is capabilities while Washington cuts off access to cutting…

3 weeks ago

Blacklisted China Firms Got Licences For $23bn of US Goods, Tech

A US official also told a Congressional hearing that some tech shipments to China’s blacklisted telecom equipment maker Huawei were…

3 weeks ago

Huawei Dominates Global Tech Fair Despite US Curbs – US News

Huawei expanded its footprint at the Mobile World Congress despite escalating tensions between the US and China over TikTok, spy…

4 weeks ago

Australia Was China’s Top Trade Restrictions Target – Study

The report examined what it said were 73 "coercive PRC actions" recorded between 2020 and 2022, of which 21 were…

4 weeks ago

China Asks State Firms to Drop Big Four Auditors Over Data Fears

Chinese authorities have urged state-owned firms to stop using the four biggest global accounting firms over concerns about data security

4 weeks ago

Canada Military Found China Monitoring Buoys in Arctic – G&M

Canada's armed forces says it has detected Chinese surveillance operations in its seas and airspace, The Globe and Mail said

4 weeks ago

China’s Xi Planning Russia Visit to Boost ‘Rock Solid’ Ties

Chinese-Russian relations "will withstand any test in a changing international situation," China's top diplomat Wang Yi told one of President…

4 weeks ago