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Latest News: World Bank

WB Backs Transfer of $280m Afghan Fund to Aid Agencies
Top IMF Economist Heads Back to Harvard Job
World Bank, IMF Face Long-Term Damage After Data-Rigging Scandal
IMF Board Seen Intensifying Georgieva Probe Over China Data-Rigging Claims
IMF Chief Georgieva Says She Didn’t Pressure World Bank Staff on China
IMF’s Georgieva Pressured Officials on China When at World Bank: Report 
WBank Trims East Asia, Pacific GDP Forecast Amid Covid Concerns
World Bank to boost spending on climate change to 35%
US pushing G20 for global minimum corporate tax, Yellen says
World Bank has revised its climate policy
China to lead global economic rebound in 2021
G20 leaders vow to help poor nations get Covid vaccines

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