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Taiwan Shows Off Homegrown Drones for ‘Asymmetric Warfare’

The island's president Tsai Ing-wen has championed the idea of "asymmetric warfare" to make Taiwan's forces more mobile and harder…

1 week ago

$10m Cost for US to Curb Risky Outbound Investment

A US Treasury report said a programme to block US investment going to advanced tech sectors in countries deemed to…

3 weeks ago

China Has Big Lead in Critical Emerging Technologies: Study

China has a 'stunning lead' in most of the 44 critical emerging technologies, an Australian Strategic Policy Institute study said,…

3 weeks ago

Chinese Firm in Talks to Sell Military Drones to Russia: Report

The firm also plans to help establish a Russian production site for the drones which are similar to Iran's Shaheed-136…

4 weeks ago

Biden ’Not Looking For a Cold War’ With China, Will Talk to Xi

"I hope we are going to get to the bottom of this, but I make no apologies for taking down…

1 month ago

US and China ‘Keen For Talks to Cool Spy Balloons Tension’

US and Chinese officials have been discussing a meeting between their senior diplomats – possibly in Europe this weekend –…

1 month ago

Air India’s ‘Historic’ $80bn Deal Took Months of Secret Talks

Discussions on the deal to buy 470 jets were held a stone's throw from Britain's Buckingham Palace and culminated in…

1 month ago

Jets Shoot Down Fourth Object as US Ramps up Surveillance

A fourth object flying at high altitude was taken down over Lake Huron in the US on Sunday, intensifying tensions…

1 month ago

Second High-Altitude UFO Shot Down Over North America

Another unidentified object flying high over Canada was shot down on Saturday, following a similar strike on Friday. The US…

1 month ago

US Says It’ll Stay Calm as China Admits Second ‘Spy’ Balloon

Officials say successful recovery of the balloon's debris could give the United States insight into China's spying capabilities

1 month ago

China Complains Over US ‘Attack’ Amid News of More Spy Balloons

China lodges a complaint after airship 'attack', but US officials say they have monitored at least four other spy balloon…

2 months ago

Xpeng Secures Key Permit to Launch ‘Flying Car’ – TechCrunch

The 'special flight permit' from the Civil Aviation Administration of China will allow the Xpeng Aeroht X2 to undertake a…

2 months ago