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Chinese Tourists Get Big Thai Welcome as Visa-Free Visits Begin

Chinese visitors landing in Bangkok on Monday got a VIP welcome from Thailand's new PM, who is looking to rev…

7 days ago

Billions at Stake as India-Canada Ties Sour on Sikh Murder

Bilateral commercial relations between India and Canada are worth $100 billion, which includes $70 billion of Canadian portfolio investment, according…

2 weeks ago

China Foreign Minister ‘Sacked Over Affair, Love Child’ – WSJ

Senior Chinese officials were allegedly told that former foreign minister Qin Gang lost his job after an investigation found he…

2 weeks ago

China Sanctions US Defence Firms For Arms Sold to Taiwan

The sanctions against Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman would be imposed via China's Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, a foreign ministry official…

2 weeks ago

US Agrees to $5bn Sale of F-35s to South Korea – AFP

The State Department told Congress on Wednesday it has agreed the sale of 25 of its top-of-the-line fighter jets –…

3 weeks ago

Chip Plants, AI, Boeing Deals Agreed at US-Vietnam Meetings

Deals worth billions in a range of tech sectors were detailed at a business summit on Monday that coincided with…

3 weeks ago

New Huawei Phone Spurs Fear China Got Around US Chip Curbs

Reports that Huawei's latest smartphone has 5G capabilities has sparked questions on the effectiveness of US sanctions and whether chip…

4 weeks ago

Espionage Fears Over Chinese ‘Tourists’ at US Bases – WSJ

US officials from various agencies say Chinese intruders without proper authorization have been found at multiple US bases and sensitive…

4 weeks ago

Big Clean-up in Hong Kong, Macau, Other Areas After Typhoon Saola

The mass evacuation of 900,000 people in southern China's coastal provinces and shutting down of schools and businesses helped avoid…

4 weeks ago

Hong Kong, Shenzhen Bracing as Super Typhoon Saola Nears

Officials in Hong Kong were urging citizens spooked by the lockdown of the city not to panic, as Typhoon Saola…

1 month ago

China Says Doors Will Open Wider, After Raimondo Bombshell

China responds positively to Commerce Secretary's blunt remark that US companies complained to her that China has become "uninvestible"

1 month ago

Russian Spacecraft Luna-25 Crashes on The Moon

Luna-25, the Russian spacecraft sent on the country's first mission in 47 years, spun out of control and crashed into…

1 month ago