Rupee Plummets to Record Dollar Low, Yuan Pressure Blamed

The Indian currency posted its steepest weekly fall in seven months as it led the way amid a tumbling Asian…

1 month ago

India Digital Currency Transactions Top 1m a Day in December

Some large Indian private and state-run lenders disbursed amounts related to employee benefit schemes directly to staff's CBDC wallets, instead…

4 months ago

India, UAE Agree to Ditch the Dollar, Settle Trade in Rupees

India, the world's third biggest oil importer and consumer, currently pays for UAE oil in dollars but is looking to…

9 months ago

Indian Rupee Weakens as RBI Pulls Highest Value Currency Note

In contrast to the rupee, other Asian currencies were mostly higher after US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell struck a…

11 months ago

Weak Yuan Dents Asia Currencies, Indian Rupee at Six-Week Low

The Chinese currency was flailing after poor data showed its economy’s recovery is running out of steam, dragging other currencies…

11 months ago

India, Russia Halt Rupee Trade Talks, Moscow Prefers Yuan

The talks suspension is a blow for Indian importers of cheap oil and coal from Russia but Moscow was reluctant…

12 months ago

Russia Wants All India Trade in Rupee-Ruble – Firstpost

Increasing oil deals between the two countries have already begun to corrode the US dollar’s long-running dominance in energy trade

1 year ago

India to Discourage Foreign Trade Settlement in Chinese Yuan

One of the government officials directly involved in the matter said New Delhi is "not comfortable" with foreign trade settled…

1 year ago

India Push to Settle Global Trade in Rupees ‘Not Without Risks’

Last July, the RBI introduced a new mechanism to settle international trade in rupees, aiming to promote exports and facilitate…

1 year ago