Easing Covid Rules and Growth Focus Lure Investors Back to China

1 hour ago
Neal McGrath

Relaxed Covid rules and economic support statements are reversing earlier outflows from China's equity markets.

China Job Confidence Lowest Since 2009 – Survey

Nearly half of households surveyed by the PBOC in the second quarter think employment prospects remain "grim."

3 hours ago

China Phone Makers Fill Gap Left by Apple, Samsung in Russia

China's smartphone firms have gained ground in the Russian market, says retailer M.Video, after Western tech giants halted sales over…

3 hours ago

India Cement Maker Pays For $26m Russian Coal Cargo in Yuan

UltraTech Cement is bringing in 157,000 tonnes of coal from Russian producer SUEK and paying for it with Chinese yuan

3 hours ago

China Denies Its Firms Backed Russia’s Military in Ukraine

China's Embassy in Washington said it has not provided assistance to either party in the war, and it opposed the…

7 hours ago

Asia Stocks Slump as Global Recession Fears Deepen Gloom

Dismal consumer confidence data from the US sent Wall Street plunging and Asian markets followed in its wake

9 hours ago

China’s Tianqi Lithium Seen Launching $2bn Hong Kong Listing

China's Tianqi Lithium CorpĀ plans to open its books on Thursday, June 30, for a listing in Hong Kong in mid-July…

9 hours ago

Tesla Layoffs Hit Autopilot Driver-Assistant System Unit

The carmaker laid off about 200 employees at the driver-assistant system unit. One man who lost his job said: "We're…

11 hours ago

Philippines Poll Marred by ‘Tech Failures, Social Media Influence’

The group said the election was a was a classic "guns, goons, and gold" contest marked by a successful campaign…

11 hours ago

China’s Move to Slash Inbound Traveller Quarantine Lifts Yuan

Currency firms after China's slashes the quarantine time for inbound travellers by half to seven days in a major easing…

11 hours ago

China’s Greenland Rating Upgraded After Debt Extension

The real estate company completed a one-year maturity extension on $500 million in senior unsecured notes, prompting S&P to regrade…

12 hours ago

Chinese Spacecraft Captures Images of Whole Martian Surface

The unmanned Tianwen-1 reached Mars in February 2021 on the country's inaugural mission there. A robotic rover has since been…

13 hours ago