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Latest News: Global Green Energy Transport and Technology Leaders Index

China Issues Gallium, Germanium Licences as Exports Sink
Tesla Seen Looking at Battery Factory in India, as Well as EVs
Drop in Hydropower Forcing China and India to Use More Coal
France Reworks Subsidy Criteria to Cut-Off Chinese EVs – Nikkei
EU Leaders Fear Dependency on Chinese Batteries, Fuel Cells
Shanghai Exchange Looking at Nickel Futures, May Rival LME
China’s Ban on iPhone Use Expands to Local and State Entities
Tesla Sues China Chip Designer for ‘Stealing Tech Secrets’
New Huawei Phone Spurs Fear China Got Around US Chip Curbs
Tesla Unveils its Revamped Model 3 Sedan at Beijing Trade Fair
‘Local Protectionism’ Slowing China’s Clean Energy Transition
US and India Launch Renewable Energy Action Group – PV Mag

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