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Latest News: Global Green Energy Transport and Technology Leaders Index

Scientists Fear Record Ocean Heat Is Changing Earth’s Systems
US-China ‘Doomsday Scenario’ Unlikely: Nvidia’s Huang – Nikkei
BYD to Use Nvidia’s Next-Gen Chips to Elevate Self-Driving Tech
Xpeng to Unveil Cheap EV Brands as China Price War Intensifies
SpaceX Building Spy Satellite Network for US Reconnaissance
Tesla Win in India: Govt to Slash EV Import Tax if $500m Invested
Many Chinese Carmakers Opening Factories Abroad Despite Rows
China’s Nio, CATL to Work on Batteries With Longer Lifespans
China’s Electric Vehicle Sales See Slow Start to The Year
EU Says China EVs Funded by Subsidies, Plans Retroactive Tariffs
Cost of Carbon Capture by 2050 May be Double Estimates – IME
Russia, China Plan to Build Lunar Nuclear Power Plant by 2035

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