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Latest News: Aviation

Hong Kong, UAE Firms Hit With Sanctions for Russian Gold Deals
Putin Wants Chinese Banks to Help Military Parts Trade – FT
US Trials of AI-Piloted Fighter Jets Worrying China – ZM
Drone Maker DJI Next Likely Target of US China Hawks – NYT
China’s Alibaba Trialling Deliveries Via a Reusable Rocket
SpaceX Building Spy Satellite Network for US Reconnaissance
Don’t Throw Coins at Planes, China Airline Warns – Insider
Japan’s Space One Rocket Explodes Seconds After Take-Off – JT
Chinese Airlines Allowed to Lift US Flights to 50 a Week
Congress Wants Musk to Explain Satellite Block in Taiwan – Forbes
China Plan to Train 45,000 Firms in Hacker Protection Measures
China Upset at US Sanctions on Firms For Russia Dealings

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