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Latest News: Aviation

Taiwan Shows Off Homegrown Drones for ‘Asymmetric Warfare’
$10m Cost for US to Curb Risky Outbound Investment
China Has Big Lead in Critical Emerging Technologies: Study
Chinese Firm in Talks to Sell Military Drones to Russia: Report
Biden ’Not Looking For a Cold War’ With China, Will Talk to Xi
US and China ‘Keen For Talks to Cool Spy Balloons Tension’
Air India’s ‘Historic’ $80bn Deal Took Months of Secret Talks
Jets Shoot Down Fourth Object as US Ramps up Surveillance
Second High-Altitude UFO Shot Down Over North America
US Says It’ll Stay Calm as China Admits Second ‘Spy’ Balloon
China Complains Over US ‘Attack’ Amid News of More Spy Balloons
Xpeng Secures Key Permit to Launch ‘Flying Car’ – TechCrunch

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