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Latest News: Aviation

US Trials of AI-Piloted Fighter Jets Worrying China – ZM
Drone Maker DJI Next Likely Target of US China Hawks – NYT
China’s Alibaba Trialling Deliveries Via a Reusable Rocket
SpaceX Building Spy Satellite Network for US Reconnaissance
Don’t Throw Coins at Planes, China Airline Warns – Insider
Japan’s Space One Rocket Explodes Seconds After Take-Off – JT
Chinese Airlines Allowed to Lift US Flights to 50 a Week
Congress Wants Musk to Explain Satellite Block in Taiwan – Forbes
China Plan to Train 45,000 Firms in Hacker Protection Measures
China Upset at US Sanctions on Firms For Russia Dealings
Chinese Rocket Failure Opened Door for SpaceX in Indonesia
China’s C919 Airliner Makes Its First International Flight

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