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As China Slows, Economists Train Eyes at Data Fudging – WSJ

As China’s economy slows down in a crucial election year, economists are keeping an eye out for possible anomalies in the country’s economic data

China is putting together a new financial stability security fund that could run into tens of billions of dollars to mitigate risks amid a slowdown that poses a serious threat to its financial system.
Beijing, which has already raised 64.6 billion yuan, or $9.7 billion, aims to put together around $100 billion by September. Photo: Reuters.


As China’s economy slows down in a crucial election year for President Xi Jinping, analysts and economists are keeping an eye out for any anomalies in economic data, though the figures released so far have been largely in line with expectations, The Wall Street Journal reported.

In the past, economists say, Beijing has resorted to fudging economic data “when the Chinese economy is at a turning point – such as now – or when events of political significance are at hand”, the report added.

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