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Bond Selloff Rattles Markets – WSJ

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A slide in bond prices has pushed the 10-year Treasury yield to 1.769%, its highest since early 2020

Federal Reserve
The US Federal Reserve says it will accelerate the wind-down of its bond-buying programme, the biggest step the central bank has taken in reversing its pandemic-era stimulus. Photo: Reuters.


A year-opening bond rout has pushed longer-term interest rates to new pandemic-era highs, sending shock waves across financial markets, the Wall Street Journal reported.

US traders had barely switched on their computers last Monday for the first trading session of the year when bond prices started tumbling. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which rises when bond prices fall, jumped in just one day from its year-end close of 1.496% to 1.628%. By Friday, it had settled at 1.769%, smashing through its 2021 closing high of 1.749% to reach its highest level since January 2020.


Read the full report: The Wall Street Journal.




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