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Bonds gain most this month

(ATF) The week started quite positive for the ATF ALLIDNEX family with the China Bond 50 Index rising 0.15% Monday, its biggest advance for the month of April.

In the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise Index Sichuan Railway and Overseas Chinese Town Holdings have made coupon payments, which had an expected impact on the index, pushing it 0.11% lower.

A coupon payment of China Great Wall Asset Management in the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index had less of an impact and it closed the day 0.06% higher at 99.86, getting slowly but surely closer to 100.

The Local Government index of the ATF ALLINDEX family is virtually unstoppable and moves almost on a daily basis to new record highs. The index stopped at 117.47 and is 0.04% higher.

The ATF ALLINDEX Financial index is also chasing new highs. It finished 0.06% and stands now at 107.37.


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