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Bonds resume climb

(ATF) – The ATF ALLINDEX CBM50 Bond Index climbed 0.08% on Monday, the biggest jump in three weeks. The gauge closed the day at 106.6202. 

The week opened on a good note for all but one gauge on the ATF ALLINDEX family, in contrast to declines on regional equity markets. The

CBM50 index was mainly driven by three bonds, which advanced between 0.05% and 0.06%. Sinar Mas Paper rose by 0.06%, and Shanghai Red Star Macalline Investment Corporation Ltd. and Datong Coal Mine Group Co.,Ltd by 0.05% each.

This drove the Corporates index to climb 0.08%. Financials showed a healthy increase of 0.03% after strong earnings by the banking sector.The benchmark has not had a down day since March 11.

Local Governments climbed 0.03% with the only loser of the day being the Enterprise index, which retreated 0.05%.

  • The Corporate Index rose 0.08%.

  • The Enterprise Index fell 0.05%.

  • The Financial Index advanced 0.04%.

  • The Local Government Index increased 0.03%.

ATF ALLINDEX CBM50 Bond Index: A 50-constituent index, updated daily and selected from across the entire Chinese onshore bond market, that provides a benchmark measure of the Chinese onshore fixed income market. 

The CBM50 is taken from the ATF ALLINDEX Chinese Bond Market Index that tracks the price movements of Chinese CNY-denominated onshore bonds across the Corporate, Enterprise, Financial and Local Governments sectors.


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