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Byju’s Expands US Footprint with Epic Buy: Business Standard

Byju’s bought reading platform Epic for $500 milion: Business Standard.

he acquisition will help Byju's expand its US footprint and be a part of America's learning culture. Photo: Epic website

(AF) Byju’s announced on Wednesday that it has acquired US-based reading platform Epic for $500 million to expand its education services beyond the Indian market, Business Standard reported.

The acquisition, a cash-and-stock deal that will help Byju’s deepen its presence in the US as well as venture into a fresh segment of online reading, marks the Bengaluru-based edtech major’s second acquisition in the US, after the educational gaming start-up Osmo in 2019. Full story: Business Standard.


Indrajit Basu

Indrajit Basu is an India-based correspondent for Asia Financial and wears two hats: journalist and researcher (equity). Before joining AF he reported on business, finance, technology, wealth management, and current affairs for China Daily, SCMP, UPI, India Today Group, Indian Express Group, and many more. He is also an award-winning researcher. If he didn't have to pay bills, he would be a wanderer.


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