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China bonds close month on losing streak

(ATF) Bond volatility was high in the ATF ALLINDEX Financial, Enterprise and Corporates indexes Friday, with all gauges in the ALLINDEX family closing lower. The flagship China Bond 50 index showed the biggest dip, of 0.10%, to close at 107.93.

ATF ALLINDEX Financials ended 0.08% lower at 107.47. This is despite a surge in the China Minsheng Banking Corp bond.

The ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise measure lost 0.06% to end the week at 104.05. The biggest winner on the gauge was Sichuan Railway Investment Group.

The ATF ALLINDEX Local Government bonds index did slightly better, closing 0.04% lower at 117.74.

The ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index lost 0.03% and stands at 100.25. 

This ends a lively month in which corporates gained 0.15%, enterprise bonds lost 0.57%, the CBM50 retreated 0.41%, financials shed 0.16% and local government debt closed 0.12% higher.


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