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China Scientists Claim Quantum Computer Breakthrough – CGTN

Researchers at University of Science and Technology of China say their ‘Jiuzhang’ quantum computer prototype pushes calculation speeds to new highs

A quantum computing data tunnel.
A quantum computing data tunnel. Photo: AFP


Chinese scientists are claiming to have developed a new quantum computer that is 10 quadrillion times faster than the world’s fastest existing supercomputers, China’s CGTN reported.

The research team at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) says its ‘Jiuzhang 3.0’ has pushed speeds to new highs thanks a number of innovations, the report by the state-run foreign-language news channel added.

The scientists said some complex problems that Jiuzhang 3.0 can calculate in just one microsecond would take the world’s fastest supercomputer, ‘Frontier’, more than 20 billion years to complete.

Read the full story: CGTN


  • By Sean O’Meara


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