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China Seeks Stable Farm Output Amid Covid Control Measures

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issues statement after Chinese President Xi Jinping seeks more effective Covid-19 measures

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People walk along Nanjing Pedestrian Road, a main shopping area. Photo: Reuters.


China’s agriculture ministry urged its officials to implement virus control measures, while also ensuring production and transportation of agricultural products during the spring farming season.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs made the statement after Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the country to take more effective Covid-19 measures and minimise the impact of the epidemic on economic development.

China has witnessed a recent surge in virus infections, triggering lockdowns in places like southern Shenzhen and northeastern Jilin.

The agriculture ministry urged local apartments to keep track of human traffic, strengthen virus prevention and control in key farming areas, and make adequate contingency plans, it said in a statement late on Sunday.

The ministry also emphasised the need to stabilise the production and supply of agricultural products.

“The transportation of farming supplies, and livestock and poultry feed must be well organised, while arbitrary interception and road blockage must be prohibited to ensure smooth flow of supplies,” the ministry said.


  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard






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