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China Think Tank Urges Scrapping of ‘Zero Covid’ Policy – AP

Epidemic prevention and control policies are putting the economy at risk, the Anbound Research Centre said in a rare act of public criticism of the ruling Communist party.

Anger has grown among the public to frequent sudden lockdowns that trap people in their homes, shops and workplaces, and the over-zealous reactions of officials to small case numbers.
A medical worker takes a swab sample at a nucleic acid testing station, following a coronavirus disease outbreak, in Beijing. File photo: Reuters.


A Chinese think tank has warned that the country’s ‘zero-Covid’ policy must change to avoid an “economic stall,” an Associated Press report published in The Guardian said, in a rare moment of public criticism of the ruling Communist party.

Anbound Research Centre said epidemic prevention and control policies were putting the economy at risk and that China should follow the likes of Europe, the US and Japan, who have put economic recovery before Covid restrictions, the report said, adding that even “mild public disagreement with official policy is almost unknown in a politically sensitive year when Xi, China’s most powerful leader since at least the 1980s, is expected to try to extend his time as president”.

Read the full report: Associated Press


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